Catherine & Michael

Fast forward a few months from Catherine and Michael’s engagement pictures and you have their wedding! And what a beautiful wedding it was. The Mill City Museum and Stone Arch Bridge area proved once again to be a perfect setting.

Congratulations to Catherine and Michael! It was so fun to be a part of your day. I am in love with both of your giant, happy smiles. And, you have a lot to be happy about!

Caseye + Tom {Engagement}

Caseye + Tom + the golden hour is a pretty wonderful combination.

Not pictured are the billions of mosquitos that attacked us at the beginning of the session. (Seriously -- the worst mosquitos I have ever experienced and I've been a Minnesotan for a looong time.) Thank goodness for a random old can of bug spray still in my car from who knows how many summers ago. 

I can't wait for your upcoming wedding, Caseye and Tom! I'm pretty sure I can guarantee no mosquitos in November.

The Gardners

Oh, the sweet Gardner family. 

I have been lucky enough to photograph this crew on more than one occasion and somehow they keep getting more and more wonderful. It must be all of the beautiful children they keep adding to their family. 

The newest addition this time around was little Lucy - one week old. She has her work cut out for her keeping up with big brother and sister, but I have a feeling she'll do just fine. 

Great to see you, Gardner clan!

Spring Minis!

Spring Mini sessions are coming to Northfield! We are all SO ready for warmer weather, aren't we? Let's celebrate spring finally arriving by taking pictures!

Spring Mini Session Day.jpg


Session Details:

1/2 Hour Session

-10 digital images

+ Choice of:

     -5 additional images

     -5x5 or 5x7 wood print


     -3 mini accordion books

Cost: $175

Location: Outdoor Northfield Location TBD!



11:30 - taken!



1:00 - taken!




Other information:

-$100 deposit due at time of booking

-In case of bad weather, June 3rd will be our back up day. 

Cohen: {Newborn}

Baby Cohen decided to enter the world a few weeks too early for us to do maternity photos of his mama. But, I gotta say, he's pretty cute now that he's on the outside. So, I won't hold a grudge.

Cohen's equally adorable big sister, Hazel, is about 16 months old. So, this wonderful set of parents have two children under the age of 1.5 and therefore deserve some sort of medal.

Loved meeting you, Miner family! Thanks for providing me with a good dose of newborn baby sweetness.

Fall Festival

I hit the jackpot with my family of in-laws. 

Growing up as an only child, I never knew if I would have nieces and nephews. And, what do you know...I somehow married into a family where I have six of them! And really good ones. sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, parents-in-law? All wonderful. Lucky me!

We all gathered for the First Annual OtteHermmZande Fall Festival back in October. My contribution to the weekend's activities was family photos for all. And, here's a little look into a few of them. 

Lookin' good OtteHermmZande's!

The Metz Family

One of my favorite parts of my job is that it reconnects me with people from the past. In this case, the far, far, FAR distant past of high school.

Somehow, enough years have flown by for Jill and I to have children who are likely close to the age we were when we first met...not sure how that happened. But, lucky for me, I got to meet Jill's family and take pictures of them in the beautiful Carleton Arb at SUNSET! And, let me tell you, when it comes to personality...and pure cuteness...these children have GOT it. (Not to mention those DIMPLES that I can't get over.)

It was great to see you, Metz family!

Erica + Danny

Once upon a time, waaaaay back in July, Erica and Danny got married. This wedding was especially wonderful to be a part of because Emily Griffith and I had a mini photography reunion and we both got to take pictures. (Lemon Lime Studios, anyone??)  

I loved being a part of Erica and Danny's day and wish we could do it all over again. I wish you both all the best as you continue your journey as newlyweds!

Fall Minis!

 The info:

When and Where?

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Highland Park - St. Paul, MN

-In case of bad weather, mini sessions will take place September 24th. If there's bad weather on the 24th, mini sessions will likely just be cancelled. 

How much and what do you get?


30 minute session

10 digital images

+Choice of 3 mini accordion books, 1 5x5 or 5x7 wood print, or 5 additional digital images


Available Times:

8:00 - taken!

8:30 - taken!

9:00 - taken!

9:30 - taken!

10:00 - taken!

10:30 -  taken!

11:00 - taken




Contact with questions or to reserve your spot! A $100 non refundable deposit is required to officially book a spot. (If minis are cancelled due to weather, all money will be refunded!)